Dubai – Lagoons / Moon Island Trip

lagoons or Moon Island trip, great option for gathering and families

Dubai – Game Fishing

Dubai 16 hours fishing trip, Casting & Jigging (Groupers\Bonito\King Fish\Cobia\Black-tip Sharks\Golden Trevally).

recommended for adventurers and professional anglers addicted to deep sea fishing, aiming big and unpredicted fish.

Available limited season only from mid February to mid April.

Dubai – Sunset Cruising Trip

2 hours Cruising Trip during weekdays only.

Dubai – Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Dubai Deep sea 6 hours fishing trip

Recommended for group of adults who prefer light fishing in the deep sea, best time to book November to May

Dubai – Casting & Jigging Trip

Dubai 12 hours fishing trip, Casting (queen fish\Spotted Trevally\King Fish\Cobia\Golden Trevally)